Friday, November 11, 2011 do I wash lettuce without it bruising?

 I grew up in a very small town; raised on a pig farm & the words "salad spinner" were most definitely never mentioned. Last summer I brought a casear salad to a party & was so embarrassed to serve it because my pre-washed leaves were sagging so badly it ended up looking like a pile of green mush rather than crisp leaves. So I spent the better part of this time mastering the lettuce washing & here are my results.

Salad spinner
Head of lettuce or greens

1) Break off the "stem"

2) For green leaf or romaine I tear away the whitest part of the "ribs"
3) Fill the clear basin with cool water

Keep strainer part seperate while filling as running water over the greens is a major factor in the bruising of the leaves

4) Tear lettuce into 2x2 inch pieces & place in the strainer
5) Place the strainer & leaves in the clear basin filled with water & gently swish leaves around

6) The dirt will settle on the bottom. Remove strainer & dump out water

7) Place the strainer back in the empty basin & cover
8) Spin the lettuce & then dump out the excess water

9) Repeat if needed just make sure the basin is filled with water before your place the strainer & leaves in it (don't run water directly over leaves)


  1. Cool! I really need a salad spinner...

  2. oops--i just deleted my comment and did not mean to. Again saying--i just stumbled across your chatty and helpful blog. Love the easy and tasty recipes. i am going to add it to my blogroll at

  3. Thanks Beth! I'm new at this so all thee support is appreciated! Dlb - a salad spinner is a must! I'm surprised your hubby hasn't wanted one!